• Leek

    We import and sell strawberries in the season when the volume of Japanese decreases. We aim at the sale from the middle of May to the middle of December.
    Those strawberries are used for cake factories, hotels and bridals. We offer the product that meets Japanese needs from Volup, the contract family that is the pioneer for exports to Japan.

  • Leek

    Western leek is stable and handles. It's also called polo leek.
    We sell leeks from the New Zealand in April to September, and from the Belgium and Netherlands in October to April.
    Western leek is thicker and sweeter than Japanese one's, Furthermore, it won't break into pieces when you cook soup.

  • Shallot

    Shallots are ingredients used for many dishes.
    We are dealing with not only a small-sized thing from Belgium but also the large-sized standard that is from the United States.
    We supplies an article of the size in accord with the needs of the visitor a year.

  • Chicory

    The chicory got close to introduces even the name of the endive from Belgium. It can be harvested it through one year.
    It often used for 'bagna cauda' or salad. This vegetable, which faint sweetness and both bitterness, can be enjoyable with a fresh and young texture recently.
    In addition, the nutritive value includes iron content and calcium, a lot of vitamin C highly and with the detox effect to our body.

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