Our company sells import, domestic fresh vegetables, and fruit specially.
We import fresh vegetables and fruits from overseas, that can be eaten safely, and sold to our customers.
Our aim here is to make your diet wealthier through this business.
Furthermore, we let you activate a farmhouse by sending domestic ingredients to all of you and we believe that action connects with contribution to our society.

Freshness ingredients import and sales
We send freshness ingredients to the domestic restaurants and supermarkets from Asia, Europe and America while maintaining a fresh state safely.
We build the relationship of mutual trust with producers in each countries.
Then We try to send various types of fresh vegetables to all of you.
  • *Flow of the main circulation
  • Including our contract farmhousefield exporterH&Fmiddle wholesaler, vendorsuper markets and/or restaurants, hotels etc…
  • (this flow may change depends on a kind of vegetables and fruits.)
Freshness ingredients domestic sales
We wholesale the fresh vegetables, those from our contracted farmers,
safely to the markets and then they send to restaurants and supermarkets.
  • *Flow of the main circulation
  • Our contract famersH&Fmiddle wholesaler, vendorsuper markets and/or restaurants, hotels etc…
Future policy
We aim for our providing various information to our customers by increasing foreign and domestic contract farmhouses and then sending the products suit to our customers' needs.
Moreover, the employees are important assets for our company, so we try to make a workplace environment that they work comfortably. Then, we keep the best performance in our business to our customers within such a good environment.
We correspond flexibly and speedy that is not possible for in big companies.
We increase the number of the abroad domestic contract farmhouses, and we aim for the service offer that there is not in the product which all of you demand, an offer and the other companies of the information.
All the employees who are our most important assets trust it and fix the workplace environment that I help each other, and can work and aim at a better product being continued providing by the flexible and quick correspondence that it is not possible for in the big company.